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Counterfeit Product

Be Aware of Counterfeit Products and Websites

We at Athena Cosmetics are committed to stopping the sale of counterfeit and “black market” RevitaLash® Cosmetics products. Our first priorities are, have always been, and will continue to be customer safety and regulatory compliance. We recognize that customer safety and satisfaction are fundamental to your product experience, and our company’s continued success.

As an in-demand brand across the globe, we are aware of the persistent problem of unauthorized websites that are selling what look like RevitaLash® Cosmetics products. In this modern Internet age, it is not as difficult as it used to be for unauthorized resellers to fake our logos in an attempt to fool unsuspecting consumers. Many of the products sold on these websites have been opened, are not shrink-wrapped, come in damaged and/or expired boxes (or no box at all), and lack our inventory control numbers. These products could be counterfeit, or at the very least, may have been tampered with.

Auction sites such as eBay and Alibaba cannot guarantee the authenticity of the products sold on their sites, and we cannot authenticate products bought in this way. 

What Can You Do?

The only way to ensure the safety of your product andavoid purchasing counterfeit or tampered products online is to buy directly from or from a reputable reseller whom you have done business with in the past. Be aware that although we diligently pursue, and consistently close downunauthorized websites and counterfeit product, the sellers rarely use their real names, and often change the names of their sites and URLs to enter the market under a different identity, all in an effort to make a quick sale. Please remain vigilant when purchasing our products online and only purchase products from a reputable source. If you purchase what looks like RevitaLash® Cosmetics product that has been tampered with or is not in its original packaging, please contact us at877-909-5274 and share the details of your purchase so we can follow-up through the proper legal channels. In this way, you can help us fight against counterfeit products and websites for the good of all consumers.